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Strive Concrete Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Plano. Learn more about Strive Concrete Solutions's recent work requests in Plano and nearby areas!

Learn more about Strive Concrete Solutions' recent work requests in Plano, TX
Vicinity of Citadel Drive in Plano
Repair parts of the cool deck that have shifted
Vicinity of Loch Haven Drive in Plano
Concrete around swimming pool unlevel
Vicinity of Deep Valley Trail in Plano
Have sunken concrete driveway by house and next to creek.
Vicinity of Sicilian Circle in Plano
Portion of my pool deck needs a lift.
Vicinity of Sparrows Point Dr in Plano
Areas of front sidewalk is sunk. Need to get it leveled.
Vicinity of Cranston Place in Plano
Need to repair crack in sidewalk (walkway)
Vicinity of Sweetwater Drive in Plano
Front walkway is cracked in one location, one step is cracked and one section is uneven
Vicinity of SILVERSTONE DRIVE in Plano
Concrete pool deck is uneven and cracking.
Vicinity of Delta Pl in Plano
My driveway concrete has sunk on one side. Wanted to see if it can be raised an inch to level it.
Vicinity of Conner Circle in Plano
Pool deck sinking
Vicinity of Lakedale Dr in Plano
I will need a free quote for my concrete lifting for my swimming deck in backyard.
Vicinity of Redding Drive in Plano
Sealing sidewalk and pool decking
Vicinity of Castlebar Ln in Plano
Need to lift a sunken walkway by about 2 to 3 inches
Vicinity of Hilltop Ln in Plano
Level driveway (in the alley). It is made of 4 slabs with no major cracks but is way off of level
Vicinity of Worthington Way in Plano
I have a patio that has large cracks and is not level. I need somehow repair the cracks in need to know what other options are available.
Vicinity of Webster CT in Plano
Concrete slab needs to be raised a little by the pool to have water run to the drain instead of the pool.
Vicinity of Beeman in Plano
Past foundation issues have 11 front piers . Some areas of shifting . So need to have our concerns addressed . Had structural engineer evaluate it also . So recommended to call you .
Vicinity of Gardengrove Ct in Plano
Pool area needs some leveling
Vicinity of Amesbury Dr in Plano
Part of my pool deck is settling from soil erosion
Vicinity of Dutton Dr in Plano
I have some slightly sinking sections of patio around my pool that need to be lifted to level.
Vicinity of Greenfield Drive in Plano
Sunken sidewalk and driveway
Vicinity of Castleglen Drive in Plano
Sidewalk leveling needed, also we have large brick fence pillars that are leaning, we are curious if they can be leveled as well.
Vicinity of Bradley Lane in Plano
Walkway needs leveling
Vicinity of Bushnell Dr in Plano
Need to repair the pool deck.
Vicinity of Whispering Woods Ct in Plano
Part of our patio deck has sunk. We believe an animal burrowed a hole under it. Hoping concrete leveling will help.
Vicinity of Huntwick Dr in Plano
Sinking of front sidewalk just before the front door causes a lake every time it rains.
Vicinity of Cathedral Drive in Plano
Pool decking in a few areas around the pool, near the pool stair going around till the slide.
Vicinity of Roland Drive in Plano
Do you repair cracks in a 20 year old aggregate driveway? would also like power washing.
Vicinity of Bassinghall Ln in Plano
I need the aggregate walkway leveled to match recently repaired city sidewalks.
Vicinity of Pleasant Valley Drive in Plano
We're looking to list our home in early spring. Our walkway is unlevel and has cracked. Our deck looks pretty good, but does have some cracks and would be worth looking at as well. We're looking for that balance of doing things right and being cost effective in our repairs.
Vicinity of Pearl Ct in Plano
Sidewalk to house is not level
Vicinity of Cobblestone Ct in Plano
Backyard patio sloping and cracked on one side
Vicinity of Woodlake Drive in Plano
We have a large crack at the top of our driveway and wanted to see about getting it repaired. Not sure if you can just "jack up" the corner or if something more needs to be done. If you send me your email address, I will send you some photos. Thank you - Tamara
Vicinity of White Porch Rd in Plano
My driveway has settled on one side 1 to 3 inches .There are three sections approximately 10 x 11 Feet. May i please have a quote to repair these slabs Thanks Martin
Vicinity of Meadow Ridge Dr in Plano
We have a sidewalk sinking on one side.
Vicinity of E Aspen Ct in Plano
Concrete pool deck settling and cracked, pulling away from pool
Vicinity of Delmar in Plano
I have a section of sidewalk that has dropped slightly and is a tripping hazard. Would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Wind Dance Cir in Plano
Major Cracks and uneven on driveway
Vicinity of Whippoorwill Lane in Plano
Front walk way has sunk. city installed new front side walks and now our front walk way has a 3 1/2 drop from new level of city side walks.
Vicinity of Finley Drive in Plano
My front walkway sank a couple of inch and collect water when rain.
Vicinity of Bullock Drive in Plano
My front walkway is tiliting from side-to-side and top-to-bottom.
Vicinity of Paradise Valley Dr in Plano
I have a portion of my concrete driveway that is sinking, and needs lifting.
Vicinity of Ports O Call in Plano
Driveway is sinking in one area. Must be fixed before ice. Need all concrete checked.
Vicinity of London Dr in Plano
A portion of my backyard patio has dropped
Vicinity of Jasmine Lane in Plano
Need a pool deck lifted
Vicinity of Furneaux Dr in Plano
Our front sidewalk has settled and poses a tripping risk. It is exposed aggregate with a brick border on each side. There is also some settling on the 'city-side', and is made of 'normal' concrete.
Vicinity of in Plano
Need side walk leveled
Vicinity of Glenhollow Dr in Plano
Patio cracking and moving away from house
Vicinity of Crystal Creek Drive in Plano
Portion of walkway has become un-level over time 2-3 inches
Vicinity of Corby Drive in Plano
Front walkway uneven, not major, tripping concern
Vicinity of Cobre Valle Lane in Plano
Sidewalk has been sinking for years and need to get it fixed. the settling is located where my sidewalk meets the city sidewalk. There are 2 steps about 2 feet in from the city sidewalk and one side is about 3-4 inches low and the other side is about 1-2 inches low.
Vicinity of Bullock Drive in Plano
I have a front walkway, from the sidewalk to the front porch, that is tilting to one side. Every time I walk on it I drift to the low side.
Vicinity of Roxbury Ln. in Plano
Pool decking are behind pool. Driveway
Vicinity of Matterhorn Drive in Plano
I have a small sunken piece of my front entry walkway and would like a quote on raising this piece.
Vicinity of Arbor Downs in Plano
Had a hot water leak under slab. Door in the area is hard to close now.
Vicinity of Anchor Drive in Plano
Need an estimate to level driveway and maybe front walk area.
Vicinity of HAMNER LN in Plano
I have vertical cracks in two sections of my driveway due to one side of the crack being lower than the other. Probably 25 feet long.
Vicinity of in Plano
Have voids under concrete stairways that need to be fillled
Vicinity of in Plano
Need an estimate on leveling garage floor.
Vicinity of So Echo Trail in Plano
Front sidewalk lifting, driveway, & pool patio lifting estimate
Vicinity of Broadmoor Dr. in Plano
Front entry sidewalk has dropped about 2" along an expansion joint. Need to raise it up without having to re-do the concrete and try to match the exposed aggregate.
Vicinity of North Central Expressway in Plano
Multiple sidewalk locations on site need to be raised.
Vicinity of Waterford Drive in Plano
Pool deck tilting away from mastic- needs to be releveled
Vicinity of Eden Valley in Plano
Section of sidewalk needs leveling
Vicinity of Greenbria Ln in Plano
Cement around pool sinking on one side plus side walk dropped down 1 1/2 bout,,,,
Vicinity of Gent Drive in Plano
Side walk has low point that needs to be raised and leveled
Vicinity of Charter Oak Dr in Plano
Foundation cracking due to slabs sinking
Vicinity of Coit Road in Plano
Driveway not same level as building/ shop floor
Vicinity of Village Springs Drive in Plano
The landing at the top of our steps leading up to our house has a couple of cracks and separation due to settling. Was wondering if your project could fix it.
Vicinity of Andre Court in Plano
Drive way is setting way be low street level now also concrete stairs from drive way looking like they have problems as well. Trying to get quotes on repair costs
Vicinity of Marchman Way in Plano
Circular driveway needs to be leveled
Vicinity of Cobalt Springs Drive in Plano
Driveway. Mid section crack dropped 2 inches
Vicinity of Biloxi Circle in Plano
Foundation repair. Doors not closing right.
Vicinity of Heatherton in Plano
Driveway is severely cracked and sunken in and needs to be repaired or replaced.
Vicinity of Lowrey Way in Plano
Sunken driveway (from garage to back alley). Need to be raised? Sunken walkway (from sidewalk to front door). Need to be raised? Please give two estimates (back and front).
Vicinity of Grand Canyon Dr in Plano
I would like to get an estimate to fix a side of our driveway that is sinking. Thank you.
Vicinity of Keenan Circle in Plano
We need to lift a corner of our patio which has cracked and is separating from the main patio.
Vicinity of Timberview Dr in Plano
Backyard Patio between house and pool is uneven in the summer - one side has sunk about an inch (probably due to erosion and high plasticity index of Texas clay). In the winter it's even. In the summer it vertically separates. Need to solve such that weather does not create this instability.
Vicinity of Laguna Dr in Plano
4x13 sidewalk slab needs to be leveled. I also have several neighbors that might want work done.
Vicinity of Waskom Drive in Plano
The sidewalk in front of my house settled in 2 spots. One where there was a sprinkler system leak (which has been repaired) which caused one slab of the sidewalk to drop about 1-1/4" lower than the adjacent one, causing a trip hazard. The other area is right behind my mailbox where water drains between my property and the neighbor's. Since it sunk in that spot, water pools there when it rains or snows. In both cases, I'd like to poly jack the sidewalk to level. I also got approval from the neighbor to fix his side of the mailbox section, and explained to him what mud-jacking entails so he is comfortable with the process. And I would pay for the complete repair in both sections, so you would not need to coordinate payments from both of us. Also, on his side behind the mailbox, there was a surface patch made some time ago that has come loose. Would you be able to repair that as well? It's a small area roughly 6"x6", and only about 1/4" deep at most.
Vicinity of Gordon Oaks in Plano
Our driveway sank, and need help to repair. I will be available Wednesday before 3pm and Thursday before 5pm if you can come check out and give me an estimate. Thanks, Beatrice

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