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Strive Concrete Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Lewisville. Learn more about Strive Concrete Solutions's recent work requests in Lewisville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Strive Concrete Solutions' recent work requests in Lewisville, TX
Vicinity of Camelot Dr in Lewisville
Driveway has dropped significantly, looking to have it repaired as I cannot currently get my car in the garage without scraping on the bottom.
Vicinity of Berne Lane in Lewisville
I have a wrap around drive way that goes from the front to the back of the house where the garage is. The back part is the worst. It looks like a sprinkler line may have leaked years ago under the driveway
Vicinity of Oak Hill Circle in Lewisville
Pool decking area needs to be leveled.
Vicinity of YOSEMITE DR in Lewisville
A section of my concrete pool deck is sloping / sinking about an inch.
Vicinity of San Antone Ln. in Lewisville
We have a small chip in our decking around our pool (2-3 inches) and I wanted to get an estimate on patching it.
Vicinity of Azalia Dr in Lewisville
Vicinity of Merryvale Ct in Lewisville
Uneven crack on driveway..
Vicinity of Lakeland Drive in Lewisville
Sinking deck
Vicinity of Ridgedale Dr in Lewisville
Four sections of walkway along the house have sunk about two inches. Trip hazard. Can send photos
Vicinity of Glencairn Ln in Lewisville
My sidewalk from the front of my home to the street inclines to one side making it difficult to walk.
Vicinity of in Lewisville
My house foundation has multiple of pile under it but it is still failing.. I heard about your technology and would like to try it..
Vicinity of Creekmeadow LN in Lewisville
One block of the sidewalk leading into the house needs to be raised. The step is to large from the sidewalk to front porch.
Vicinity of Glen Ridge Drive in Lewisville
Please send email and I'll send photos.
Vicinity of Pebble Ridge Drive in Lewisville
Added a 8x16 screened in patio about 8 years ago. The slab has sunk causing the door to not fit.
Vicinity of Seige Ct in Lewisville
We have a circle drive in the front of our house. I assume the rain run off has started eroding the soil at the side edge of the drive. For example I can stick my hand a good 12 to 18 inches under the concrete of the drive. Nothing has cracked yet, but concerned it might at anytime now. I could get some top soil and try to pack it in there, but I know the rain would just erode it again. Wasn't sure of something like the polylevel would be good to put in there to stop the erosion and keep the driveway from cracking and sinking.
Vicinity of Mystic Hollow Drive in Lewisville
The sewer line from house was punctured under our driveway several years ago by a utility . We discovered the issue several months ago when the bottom half of the driveway started to settle lower from the top half of the driveway. The sewer line has been fixed but the bottom half of the driveway now rests a few inches lower than the top half of the driveway. Also the short walkway from the driveway to porch has settled lower and needs to be raised a couple inches.
Vicinity of Valley Oaks Dr in Lewisville
The sidewalk has sunk about 2" where it meets my walkway. Another area of my walkway near my porch has apparently eroded causing that part of my walkway to start sinking. There is also a large void under the driveway.
Vicinity of New Haven Drive in Lewisville
We have two slabs of concrete that are pulling away from our pool, small in size, but is at least 12-18inches in depth that needs to be raised.
Vicinity of Sienna Trail in Lewisville
Hello, we are looking for an estimate to level our driveway. It is a short standard driveway and I can send photos if needed. Thank you!
Vicinity of Knollridge Dr in Lewisville
Back porch and driveway in lifted
Vicinity of in Lewisville
We have areas that hold water after we water or it rains. We would like to see if we can level these areas to prevent standing water.
Vicinity of Dartmouth Drive in Lewisville
Driveway is sinking and need to get an estimate on repairs.
Vicinity of Harvest Hill Street in Lewisville
Need an area of my sidewalk and patio pad lifted.
Vicinity of Round Table Blvd in Lewisville
Sidewalk sinking

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