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Strive Concrete Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Frisco. Learn more about Strive Concrete Solutions's recent work requests in Frisco and nearby areas!

Learn more about Strive Concrete Solutions' recent work requests in Frisco, TX
Vicinity of Blackthorn Trail in Frisco
I have a sinking driveway and I am looking to get it fixed.
Vicinity of Castle Dr in Frisco
Pool deck desperation
Vicinity of Coral Drive in Frisco
Right side of driveway is falling due to poor soil preparation and heavy trailer from roof repair.
Vicinity of Heritage Oaks Drive in Frisco
Have a patio as part of an outdoor kitchen area that is cracked with differential settling.
Vicinity of Western Trail in Frisco
Where my driveway meets the sidewalk, the driveway is between 2-4 inches lower than the sidewalk.
Vicinity of Bavarian Dr in Frisco
Front sidewalk is sinking apart as well as back patio
Vicinity of Duxbury Dr in Frisco
A step on my concrete sidewalk has sunken down significantly and I want to get an estimate for fixing ut
Vicinity of Mariner Dr. in Frisco
Driveway repair needed. Cracks/uneven concrete.
Vicinity of Rio Blanco Drive in Frisco
I have several areas on the sidewalk in front of my house that will be repaired by the city. However, they told me that the slab leading up to front stairs is private and that I need to get that repaired on my own. I was wondering if someone can come by to give me an estimate to fix that one bottom piece. Also, does this need to be done before or after the city repairs my sidewalk? Also, can I get an estimate for the driveway in the back? Half of it is slightly sunken in. Thank you.
Vicinity of Stonebriar Way in Frisco
We have some concrete voids that need to filled as well as a couple of slabs around pool area.
Vicinity of Breezewood Dr in Frisco
I have a walkway that is slightly uneven. Thought it may be a candidate for the poly level technique.
Vicinity of Crockett Drive in Frisco
I would like a quote for my front walkway to be leveled--about 4 of the big concrete slabs have sunken in. I would love a quote to level the walkway. Thanks!
Vicinity of Concho Dr in Frisco
Part of my front concrete walk way is uneven. Additionally, my mailbox concrete slab is leaning.
Vicinity of Carrington Greens Drive in Frisco
I have a driveway slab that has sunken 2-3 inches and would like to have it leveled to match the garage apron.
Vicinity of Sparks Dr in Frisco
Four squares in the center of the driveway sinking. unleveled & trip hazards opinion from previous contractor: several squares replaced with no re-bar
Vicinity of Rolling Hills Dr in Frisco
The approach at our driveway has sunk and gathers water when it rains. I am requesting an estimate for concrete lifting. Thank you.
Vicinity of Thorndale Circle in Frisco
Sidewalk is sinking leading our from the front porch towards the street
Vicinity of Blackhawk Dr. in Frisco
Drive way is sunk in about 3 inches. Wondering what the quote would be to fix it.
Vicinity of Squaw Creek Dr in Frisco
Patio has 3 slabs littlebit leveling issue. Main prob is holds water a littlebit. Want it to be dixed. area is about 300 Sq feet
Vicinity of Marble Falls Dr in Frisco
My sidewalk has settled, and it needs to be raised back into position to be level with rest of the sidewalk. Affected section is roughly a 3' x 4' slab and possibly one step.
Vicinity of Canoe Road in Frisco
My sidewalk that leads to the front entry of my house has sunk approx 3-4 inches below the main entry slab-- looking for a quote, looking to repair asap. Thanks.
Vicinity of Davis Drive in Frisco
Driveway sunken below walkway - need to level the driveway
Vicinity of Knoll Trace Way in Frisco
Need polylevel to lift side walk concrete.
Vicinity of Pinnacle Dr in Frisco
Concrete pool decking is sinking on outer edges where it borders the lawn.
Vicinity of Amelia Ln in Frisco
Pool deck needs lifting
Vicinity of Ocean Spray in Frisco
The driveway is cracking due to the dirt under it washing away.
Vicinity of Boone Cir in Frisco
Sidewalk leading up to house has settled and needs to be raised.

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