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Strive Concrete Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Flower Mound. Learn more about Strive Concrete Solutions's recent work requests in Flower Mound and nearby areas!

Learn more about Strive Concrete Solutions' recent work requests in Flower Mound, TX
Vicinity of Maddy Ln in Flower Mound
I have a void at the end of my driveway that needs filling. I want to use poly fill.
Vicinity of Tophill Drive in Flower Mound
Section of decking around pool tilting up
Vicinity of Teakwood Dr in Flower Mound
Driveway is sinking on one side by about 1 1/2 inches. There is also a section of our sidewalk that is sinking. Would like a quote.
Vicinity of Elmridge Dr. in Flower Mound
I need an estimate to level my driveway from the street to the garage. If only a portion needs to be leveled, please price that separately.
Vicinity of Long Prairie Rd in Flower Mound
This is a McDonalds restaurant and I have an area of my parking lot that has settled. I'm needing an estimate to raise this section and repair some concrete curbs.
Vicinity of Somerset Drive in Flower Mound
I'd like an estimates for raising the walkway to my house and raising the deck around our pool.
Vicinity of Cherry Sage Dr in Flower Mound
Need a quote on raising my concrete driveway near the street and near the garage.
Vicinity of Stone Bridge Dr in Flower Mound
Walkway from front porch to driveway is sinking. And 2 sections of the sidewalk, too.
Vicinity of Russwood Drive in Flower Mound
Sidewalk in the front of our house has sunk down creating significant drainage problem where water collects on the side walk.
Vicinity of Oakview Dr in Flower Mound
Decking around the pool needs to be lifted.
Vicinity of Eastbourne Lane in Flower Mound
Need quote to level concrete sidewalk leading to front door.
Vicinity of Potomac DR in Flower Mound
Would like to know if my driveway can be raised using a lifting technique or if it will need to be replaced. The concrete driveway appears to be in good condition, but it has sunk about 5" on one side and 3" on the other. I'm in the process of purchasing this home with a closing date of March 1 and would like it to be raised or replaced before I move in.
Vicinity of Stone Crest Dr in Flower Mound
Driveway sinking and cracked
Vicinity of Paprika Drive in Flower Mound
Stone step/wall area around the pool decking is sinking away from the pool.
Vicinity of Lavon in Flower Mound
I live on a corner lot and have a lot of sidewalk. I have someone that is going to replace my sidewalks in the near future so not necessarily looking for a solution there. I do have a sidewalk that leads up to my house that I want to have you look at. I am not sure that I need to replace it but it is starting to look bad. I wanted an opinion on this. Also my driveway is cracking pretty badly so wanted you to take a look at that to see if you have any solutions there besides replacing the whole thing.
Vicinity of Baker Ct in Flower Mound
Part of my driveway has sunk and has become uneven. I also have some foundation issues with the front part of the house.
Vicinity of Marcus Court in Flower Mound
Vicinity of Ranchero Way in Flower Mound
Sinking driveway and ground under sidewalk sinking leaving gap
Vicinity of Ponderosa Pine Dr in Flower Mound
Need to lift some sidewalk slab(s) that have shifted in the front of the house near the driveway and in the rear near the pool's hot tub.
Vicinity of Meadowcrest Lane in Flower Mound
Driveway sinking
Vicinity of Canongate Dr in Flower Mound
I have a 12' X 12' hot tub pad that needs to be raised on one side about 2 1/2 inches
Vicinity of Timber Creek Rd in Flower Mound
Driveway seems to have fallen and now holds water
Vicinity of Silver Maple Ct in Flower Mound
Ground under driveway and walkway sinking.

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