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Strive Concrete Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Denton. Learn more about Strive Concrete Solutions's recent work requests in Denton and nearby areas!

Learn more about Strive Concrete Solutions' recent work requests in Denton, TX
Vicinity of Ranchman Blvd in Denton
Back patio slab dropped several inches.
Vicinity of Lindenwood Trail in Denton
Need to have drive court yard patio sealed
Vicinity of Gunnison Drive in Denton
Need estimate for 224 sq ft concrete patio by pool
Vicinity of S Ave B in Denton
I need a stair thread to be replaced with concrete and other damaged ones if any
Vicinity of Great Bear Ln in Denton
The lower right quadrant (14 FT L x 7 FT W x 4 IN D) of my concrete slab driveway is sinking. Appears to be due to subsidence of soil beneath the slab. Fractures are beginning to appear in this quadrant. Is this a candidate for your process? Can you provide me with an approximate quote? Can you come look at the site and offer repair alternatives?
Vicinity of Teasley Ln in Denton
Areas of concrete parking lot needs to be raised.
Vicinity of Harvest Glen Dr. in Denton
Driveway subscidence on north side of driveway involving 2 sections of about 20 plus feet
Vicinity of MCKAMY BLVD in Denton
I've got a concrete slab(Patio) and underneath the soil has eroded leaving a gap. Now parts of my patio are cracking. The same goes for my front side walk. I'd like to see what it would cost to fill these gaps? Thanks
Vicinity of Wind River Lane in Denton
On our concrete sidewalk in front of our building, we have a "square" that has damage to it creating a potential tripping hazard. We are needing it repaired/replaced. Thank you!
Vicinity of Dayspring Drive in Denton
Driveway and entryway are cracked and uneven.
Vicinity of Stallion Street in Denton
Pool decking is sinking where it meets up with fire pit area (poured after the pool was installed).
Vicinity of Thoroughbred Trl. in Denton
Driveway, front porch step and sidewalk have settled and pulled away from front porch and garage. Water used to be channeled from the settled sidewalk under the driveway slab, until recent installation of gutters. Wanting estimate for correcting movement and settling.
Vicinity of Sam Bass Blvd. in Denton
Apartment community, we have trip hazards-- needing leveling or grinding, etc. Would like to get an appointment to get an estimate Thank you
Vicinity of Wisteria St in Denton
The deck around my swimming pool has "sunk" on one side. I was going to redo the mastic between the deck and the coping, but there is such a big gap I wanted to see how much it would cost to have it level again. There are 3 sections, about 3 1/2" x 16". Thanks.
Vicinity of Hialeah Dr in Denton
Hello I am looking to get an estimate on extending my patio. I currently have a covered patio that is 64 inches by 12 ft. I would like to extend it out to 12ft total and on the side by 6ft. the end result I am looking for is a patio of 18ft by 12ft. if my calculations are correct I will need about 153 FT of concrete.
Vicinity of Bolivar St in Denton
I have numerous large cracks in driveway and am interested in repair/replacement and addition. Limiter is cost.
Vicinity of St James Pl in Denton
Part of my walk way has settled and sank and the drive way has cracked. When I purchased this house in 2006 a good rain washed out under the drive way and they did pack it back in but over the years it has cracked and settled
Vicinity of Paddock Way in Denton
Sidewalk from driveway to front porch sinking.
Vicinity of Overlook Lane in Denton
Would like a free estimate and/or a 2nd opinion. We are needing work done and would like to find out what a second opinion can provide.
Vicinity of Smokerise Cir in Denton
Collapsing pool deck repair
Vicinity of Ridgecrest Circle in Denton
I have a circular driveway. i have been her since 1976. I believe a tree has lifted on part. A tree fell on the other piece of concrete that has lifted. I have a concrete sidewalk in the back yard where a tree has lifted a small section. You were highly recommended. I do not want to replace the entire driveway. Hope you can help me out.
Vicinity of Freeport Dr. in Denton
Front walkway sinking down, openings under walkway and driveway.
Vicinity of Pheasant Hollow in Denton
We have a sidewalk section that ends at the city sidewalk and it has dropped approx. 2" It is approx. 12 square feet of sidewalk that would need to be raised at on end. I can send photos if needed. Thanks
Vicinity of Thomas St in Denton
We have a slab garage that has sunk in one corner. Jeremy came out once before and gave an estimate on the work approximately a year ago, but I no longer have the original email. I would like to get another estimate on either May 2 or 3 if someone is available.
Vicinity of Blue Sky Ln in Denton
Sunk in one part
Vicinity of Colbert Cove in Denton
Have sidewalk slab that sinking. approx. 50 Sq Ft. Price to raise to original position ? Email contact preferred.
Vicinity of Wellington Dr in Denton
Walls and Floors cracking and brick on outside cracking. Also driveway.
Vicinity of Stallion Street in Denton
Driveway is sinking and cracking
Vicinity of Thomas St in Denton
Our slab in our garage is sinking in one corner. We would like to see if there is a way to lift it back to level.

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