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Strive Concrete Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Dallas. Learn more about Strive Concrete Solutions's recent work requests in Dallas and nearby areas!

Learn more about Strive Concrete Solutions' recent work requests in Dallas, TX
Vicinity of Meadow Crest Dr in Dallas
We have a pretty large driveway/parking area that is pretty cracked. We would like to get an estimate for repair instead of replacing the whole thing.
Vicinity of Meadowknoll Drive in Dallas
Looking to level out the concrete in the driveway and garage and fix the cracks caused by the uneven erosion.
Vicinity of Healey Drive in Dallas
Need patio raised up. Part of it is slanting towards the house.
Vicinity of Windhaven Lane in Dallas
I am looking to level my driveway.
Vicinity of Bretshire Dr. in Dallas
Patio and driveway foam/poly leveling
Vicinity of Blessing Dr in Dallas
415 sq ft garage, Slab is cracked... 6 ft from the back of the garage the slab begins to experience some fall, around 3.25 in total.
Vicinity of Duchess Trail in Dallas
We'd like a quote/consultation on concrete repair and/or leveling for our driveway.
Vicinity of Brookshire Dr in Dallas
Front patio at customers home has settled and lost its slope allowing water to pool on the front patio. Looking for a quote/estimate for the patio to be raised with the proper slope for water drainage.
Vicinity of Lindenshire Lane in Dallas
Want to find out about leveling a sinking patio.
Vicinity of Daybreak Dr. in Dallas
I have a 6'-8' section of aggregate concrete decking around my pool that has sunken that I would like to see about getting leveled out. Please let me know if this is something you are able to do and when you would be able to come by to look at it. Thank you.
Vicinity of Lake Gardens Dr in Dallas
Have a front porch slab about 8'x10' that slopes towards the house slightly and puddles. Would like to see about getting it raised to slope away from the house.
Vicinity of Drexel in Dallas
The floor in the middle of the family room seems to bow a bit. House is on pier and beam.
Vicinity of Crownover Crt in Dallas
Pool deck needs leveling.
Vicinity of North Central Expressway in Dallas
Our dumpster enclosure is falling apart due to the concrete slab underneath it.
Vicinity of Regal Row in Dallas
Sidewalk on north side of office building. Re-level the uneven sections and repair to broken ones.
Vicinity of Wester Way Pl in Dallas
I have an uneven portion of my pool patio that needs to be leveled
Vicinity of Peyton Dr in Dallas
Hole underneath drive way that needs filled or repaired
Vicinity of Ruchwater Dv in Dallas
Driveway has cracks and is sinking
Vicinity of Cave Drive in Dallas
13x4 sidewalk needs to be raised
Vicinity of Webb Kay Dr. in Dallas
Front sidewalk from street to front door has sunken.
Vicinity of N. Windomere Ave in Dallas
We are getting ready to sell our house, it the concrete front sidewalks and stairs are in really bad shape. I saw your service on the Internet and thought I'd like to learn more.
Vicinity of Cape Coral Drive in Dallas
Circle drive in front of house has area that has sunk
Vicinity of Cromwell Dr in Dallas
Vicinity of London Ct in Dallas
I have a patio that is uneven
Vicinity of Coral Hills Dr in Dallas
Outer edge of garage drooping
Vicinity of Regent Drive in Dallas
Front sidewalk and rear driveway repair
Vicinity of Spring Valley Td in Dallas
Pool decking converted garage and driveway need leveling.
Vicinity of Redstone Circle in Dallas
I have uneven sidewalks that are a tripping hazzard. Wanting an ballpark estimate so I know if I should consider fixing. There are two sections (2 different cracks) that are raised.
Vicinity of in Dallas
Concrete walkway not level
Vicinity of Anita St in Dallas
My front sidewalk is sinking away from the porch at the front door. I'd like to have it raised back to the original height.
Vicinity of Vinecrest Dr in Dallas
My concrete front porch is not level and seems to be sinking away from the front of the house. The porch either needs to be raised/leveled, or removed and replaced. Thanks,
Vicinity of Briar Cove Dr in Dallas
Driveway needs raised and cracks repaired
Vicinity of Freeland Way in Dallas
Trying to level slab after settling. Preparing to stain concrete
Vicinity of Royal Lane in Dallas
I have a back patio about 200 sq feet that slopes in to the house. Also the first slab of the walkway from the house to the sidewalk has sunk in front. I need an estimate for leveling these.
Vicinity of Amherst Avenue in Dallas
My front steps are sinking and separating from the porch. I don't want to spend the money to have them redone so I was excited to see that they can be jacked up.
Vicinity of MIDDLE COVE DRIVE in Dallas
Vicinity of Shadow Glen Drive in Dallas
Would like a quote to have the front entry walkway, front sidewalk and mailbox leveled
Vicinity of Wood Forest in Dallas
Price on lifting my sidewalk
Vicinity of , Mockingbird Lane in Dallas
Hello- I'm looking for options to level and resurface a cracked concrete driveway.
Vicinity of Beauty Lane in Dallas
Our kitchen floor meets our garage floor and the floor has sunk more than 2 inches. We need the floors leveled out and some masonry work done on bricks from where the house has shifted.
Vicinity of Everwood Court in Dallas
Vicinity of Leameadow Dr. in Dallas
Have a pier and beam house with a garage with a sunken floor. Would like to see if I could raise the floor.
Vicinity of Briaridge Rd in Dallas
Residential garage slab with obvious settling at the perimeter. Need estimate to level slab, patch and repair cracks.
Vicinity of Claren Ct. in Dallas
Area of pool deck has slumped. (Back yard drops toward creek.)
Vicinity of Fortson Avenue in Dallas
Sinking sidewalk that has become a major tripping hazard
Vicinity of Ivywood Dr. in Dallas
Needing estimate on void fill under a slab foundation. This house recently had the foundation repaired.
Vicinity of Brincrest Drive in Dallas
I have a structural engineers report that I am happy to share. Basically FDN - Level-Lock Concrete Pilings Per Lighthouse Engineering report dated 11/13/17. Required City Permit Fees. FDN - Engineering Report - Final Report Only A final Engineering inspection and report only
Vicinity of Alto Caro Drive in Dallas
Our covered porch slab has sunk on one corner. There are two posts that support the roof portion and the farthest post on the corner has separated from the slab as this is the area that has sunk, meaning that corner eave is not currently supported by that post. The slab is obviously separate from the house slab. I have photos of all of this as well that I can send.
Vicinity of Diplomacy Row in Dallas
Older building has slab falling in section
Vicinity of Reiger Ave in Dallas
Sinking slab in driveway and sidewalk. Your website showed that you do pool area surfaces as well so I would have question regarding that as well.
Vicinity of Lake Vista Dr in Dallas
We recently found out that our home has a gradual slope, this is preventing us from selling the home. We are looking for solutions to decrease the slope without tearing the entire floor up.
Vicinity of Catamore Ln. in Dallas
Side Walk and garage floor need leveled
Vicinity of White in Dallas
I have a detached garage with concrete that has cracks and a corner that is sinking .
Vicinity of Bent Trail in Dallas
Pool deck sinking and drive way sinking
Vicinity of Timber Trail Drive in Dallas
Concrete patio and driveway need repair
Vicinity of Midcrest Drive in Dallas
Patio sinking/Cracking
Vicinity of Hanford Dr in Dallas
Front of house Walkway is not level and sinking down the side of a steady decline. I'm getting estimates to see what the most affordable way to fix it is.
Vicinity of Pimlico Drive in Dallas
The concrete slab for my detached garage is cracked on one end and this cracked section sinking, which is making my garage lean.
Vicinity of Azalea Lane in Dallas
Driveway and back patio repair and lifting
Vicinity of W. Camp Wisdom Road in Dallas
I have several sidewalks that have settled and I need to have a floor resurfaced and leveled.
Vicinity of Larry Drive in Dallas
The hose need help
Vicinity of Tanglewood Dr in Dallas
I have a driveway about 30 yards that needs to be leveled and lifted by the garage and patio about 3 in
Vicinity of Blythdale Dr in Dallas
Leveling of front porch/step area
Vicinity of Blythdale Drive in Dallas
The front porch slab of concrete was holding up a column but the slab of concrete has sunk so much that the column has fallen and the sunken part is now a tripping hazard. Thank you!
Vicinity of Glendora Ave in Dallas
We had a slab leak and the house sinks unevenly. Also, the garage is starting to move away from the foundation.
Vicinity of Lakemere Dr. in Dallas
The steps on the front of my house have detached and have sunken approximately 6-8 inches. I would like an estimate for how I can go about having them lifted to sit flush with my house. Thank you.
Vicinity of Sarah Lee in Dallas
My drive way is sinking, just wanted to know how you charge. By sq.ft or slab?
Vicinity of Creekbluff Dr in Dallas
My driveway is dropping on one side, and there is now a large drop at the center joint. The driveway is 25 years old with some cracks, so I'm not sure if I should just replace the driveway or try to level it.
Vicinity of Meadowcreek Drive in Dallas
Would like a quote for our front driveway as well as a separated quote for the back driveway. Thanks!
Vicinity of Seagrove Dr in Dallas
The small section of concrete (with two steps) between our porch and the rest of the front walk way has sunk (a few inches) creating a larger than normal step up onto our porch. It is now a tripping hazard.
Vicinity of Raeford in Dallas
I would like a free cost estimate to poly level part of my side walk leading up to my front porch. The concrete slab that needs to be leveled on one side is about 15 sq ft. I would estimate that the slab would need to be raised by about 2-3 inches on the back side. Thanks.
Vicinity of Cromwell Drive in Dallas
I have an air conditioner on a small 4 ft by 4ft slab that is not level. I was wondering what it would cost to get it level again?
Vicinity of Vickery Blvd in Dallas
Need sidewalk raised in front of my building. This is a 8 unit apt. building. I do not live there.
Vicinity of Jubilee Trail in Dallas
Front driveway has a dip in the middle that's causing rainwater to not drain out into streets and puddles up back towards the house.
Vicinity of Vickery Blvd in Dallas
Driveway is uneven, various areas around the house and sidewalk are uneven. I'm looking for someone to give me a quote. June 6th works best if you are available.
Vicinity of Duchess Trail in Dallas
Driveway replacement or restoration
Vicinity of Royal Club Lane in Dallas
Front sidewalk needs leveling.
Vicinity of High Oaks Cir in Dallas
I have an about 10 ft x 2 ft section of sidewalk leading to front door that has sunk about 1 inch.
Vicinity of Woodcrest in Dallas
Sinking concrete walkway and connected driveway causing water to flow towards house and foundation in heavy rain
Vicinity of Fenton Drive in Dallas
Sunken patio
Vicinity of Sunlight Drive in Dallas
We have a 9x12 patio off our kitchen that is sinking and pulling away from the house and pulling the sliding patio door with it.
Vicinity of Timber Oaks Dr. in Dallas
I have a front side walk that needs leveling, a portion of my front driveway, a mailbox, and a utility box in the backyard that has sunk on one side.
Vicinity of Maguires Bridge Drive in Dallas
Hello - looking to get my sidewalks leveled in my front yard. Please check it out and provide a quote! stephen
Vicinity of Michael Lane in Dallas
Garage floor cracking and unlevel
Vicinity of Midway Road in Dallas
I am a contractor, own 25 homes and am a builder. Please come review the sidewalk along the east side of my office building and let me know the cost of leveling the sidewalk
Vicinity of Fallsview in Dallas
Driveway concrete cracking and lifting leading to uneven surface.
Vicinity of Colgate in Dallas
Need to address a trip hazard on the front sidewalk to the house. Also to level a sinking porch
Vicinity of Bordeaux in Dallas
I need sidewalks leveled and one demo and removed.
Vicinity of Meadowknoll in Dallas
There is a dip in our pea-gravel slab around the pool and I want the slab raised to the original height about an inch or two.

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