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Sidewalk Sidewalk

Sidewalk Repair

Driveway Repair in Dallas, TX

Driveway Repair in Dallas, TX

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Driveway Repair in Dallas, TX Driveway Repair in Dallas, TX

This driveway repair was completed in Dallas, TX. The homeowner was concerned about their uneven, cracked concrete. Strive Concrete Solutions was able to level the existing concrete and repair the cracks!

Driveway Leveled in Dallas, TX

Driveway Leveled in Dallas, TX

Before After
Driveway Leveled in Dallas, TX Driveway Leveled in Dallas, TX

The driveway in this Dallas, TX was sinking. The void beneath the concrete was creating a tripping hazard and Strive Concrete Solutions was able to lift the concrete, creating a safe and even driveway! 

Dallas, TX Concrete Repair & Power Washing

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Concrete Repair Services in Dallas, Texas

Strive Concrete Solutions are your local expert contractors for all your concrete lifting and leveling needs in Dallas. Using the innovative PolyLEVEL system, we provide durable, effective concrete repair work for both residential and commercial application. PolyLEVEL is an expanding, 2-part, closed-cell polyurethane foam that is injected underneath the concrete to raise it back to the appropriate height. This is a durable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly solution for concrete leveling needs.

Strive Concrete Solutions is comprised of experienced contractors who have the skill and expertise to provide your home or business with a permanent concrete repair solution. Our PolyLEVEL system is a versatile and effective method of concrete lifting, and you can be sure that your problem will be fixed to your satisfaction. 

If you want to extend your concrete's life by a few years and want to protect it from water, dirt, and other harmful contaminants, SealantPro is the solution for you! SealantPro requires just one simple application and never has to be reapplied. Strive Concrete Solutions also offers NexusPro, a unique binding agent for cracked concrete. This heavy duty, flexible product also requires just one application for your concrete driveway, patio, pool deck, or sidewalk!


PolyLEVEL services provided in Dallas, TX

  • Sidewalk & driveway leveling
  • Roadway repair
  • Warehouse floor leveling
  • Footing repair
  • Sunken slab lifting
  • And much more!

Commercial and residential power washing services

Strive Concrete Solutions' power washing services can save you time by avoiding strenuous, stressful home or building maintenance and money on needless repairs.

Power washing benefits:

  • Preps home or building for painting
  • Less time consuming & strenuous than building exterior maintenance
  • Removes allergens & stains
  • Prevents permanent damage
  • Enhances curb appeal & value
  • Reduces the need for unnecessary repairs

Don't leave grime and dirt to continue festering on the surface of your building or residence, take care of it with our complete power washing services. If allergens, mold, and dirt continue to remain and grow on the surface, then it can permanently stain or end up causing more damage as the issue persists.

Call us today to get started with a free estimate on all your concrete repair and power washing needs in Dallas!

Work Requests From Dallas, TX
in Dallas
Concrete walkway not level
Anita St in Dallas
My front sidewalk is sinking away from the porch at the front door. I'd like to have it raised back to the original height.
Vinecrest Dr in Dallas
My concrete front porch is not level and seems to be sinking away from the front of the house. The porch either needs to be raised/leveled, or removed and replaced. Thanks,
Briar Cove Dr in Dallas
Driveway needs raised and cracks repaired
Freeland Way in Dallas
Trying to level slab after settling. Preparing to stain concrete
Royal Lane in Dallas
I have a back patio about 200 sq feet that slopes in to the house. Also the first slab of the walkway from the house to the sidewalk has sunk in front. I need an estimate for leveling these.
Amherst Avenue in Dallas
My front steps are sinking and separating from the porch. I don't want to spend the money to have them redone so I was excited to see that they can be jacked up.
Shadow Glen Drive in Dallas
Would like a quote to have the front entry walkway, front sidewalk and mailbox leveled
Wood Forest in Dallas
Price on lifting my sidewalk
, Mockingbird Lane in Dallas
Hello- I'm looking for options to level and resurface a cracked concrete driveway.
Beauty Lane in Dallas
Our kitchen floor meets our garage floor and the floor has sunk more than 2 inches. We need the floors leveled out and some masonry work done on bricks from where the house has shifted.
Everwood Court in Dallas
Leameadow Dr. in Dallas
Have a pier and beam house with a garage with a sunken floor. Would like to see if I could raise the floor.
Briaridge Rd in Dallas
Residential garage slab with obvious settling at the perimeter. Need estimate to level slab, patch and repair cracks.
Claren Ct. in Dallas
Area of pool deck has slumped. (Back yard drops toward creek.)
Fortson Avenue in Dallas
Sinking sidewalk that has become a major tripping hazard
Ivywood Dr. in Dallas
Needing estimate on void fill under a slab foundation. This house recently had the foundation repaired.
Brincrest Drive in Dallas
I have a structural engineers report that I am happy to share. Basically FDN - Level-Lock Concrete Pilings Per Lighthouse Engineering report dated 11/13/17. Required City Permit Fees. FDN - Engineering Report - Final Report Only A final Engineering inspection and report only
Alto Caro Drive in Dallas
Our covered porch slab has sunk on one corner. There are two posts that support the roof portion and the farthest post on the corner has separated from the slab as this is the area that has sunk, meaning that corner eave is not currently supported by that post. The slab is obviously separate from the house slab. I have photos of all of this as well that I can send.
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